Company and contract
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SIRET: 80419803400014 - RCS Tarbes This is a legal contract between the company "PGSN" which publishes the site accessible at www.Regie-adulte.net to the editor, registered Regie-adulte.net. By registering on Regie-adulte.net you agree to comply with all terms and conditions.
The Regie-adulte.net brand and all site content Regie-adulte.net be it text, logo, images, scripts belong to Regie-adulte.net. A Copyright deposit was made with a bailiff by Copyright-France Regie-adult (No. E2CX1F5)
Law relating to computers, files and liberties
Regie-adult is declared to CNIL under number 1694126 (. Art 34 of the law "and Freedoms" of January 6, 1978)

You can at any time request the deletion of your personal information by contacting us by email at: contact@Regie-adulte.net
Registration for the platform
To subscribe to Regie-adulte.net, you must complete the registration form with accurate information.

Regie-adult reserves the right at any time you ask for supporting documents to prove your identity.

                             If you could prove your identity, Regie-adulte.net reserves the right to delete your account, without notice.
Terms websites acceptance
Only sites with legal content and not receiving artificial visits will be allowed on the platform!

Using advertising services
To broadcast advertising tags, your site will be stored on Regie-adulte.net.

Your site will then be studied and validated by our services or not. (An email will be sent only if your site is enabled)

Advertising tags should be installed without change be visible on your website. Up to 3 different page formats are allowed.

Advertising tags shall in no case be installed on "Surf Bars", or pages of type "Visio" or "PTP".

It is strictly prohibited to use software "Autosurfs", or any other proxy solutions (refresh, ...) to generate extra income!

It is strictly forbidden to click on ads without wearing of interest to the site released! It is strictly forbidden to click on ads without wearing of interest to the site released!
Disseminating advertisements Regie-adulte.et, you will be paid for each display our banners!

The CPM rate (your pay per 1000 impressions) is calculated for each website. Your compensation automatically evolves increasing in stagnant or decreasing based on the number of clicks on banners . A rate guaranteed minimum CPM for each website (except type sites "paids-To-Promotes" and "Auto surfs") is set at € 0.01 subject a click rate of 0.01% minimum . We reserve the right to disable your site otherwise.
Payment of winnings
To request payment of your earnings, your balance must reach the minimum payment threshold set to €.

Payments are sent via the company Paypal only and under a maximum period of 60 days from the date of application for payment.
Deletion of the account editor / Account Closing
Regie-adulte.net reserves the right at any time to suspend or remove access to Regie-adulte.net for violation of the Terms of Use.
In particular, if your traffic generates displays or clicks artificially and illegitimately. (breach of Articles 6 & 7) Account deletion is irreversible! All gains (payments expectations & account balance), referrals will be permanently deleted from Regie-adulte.net.
If the account closure request, no payment will be made if the balance is less than the minimum payment amount.

These Terms and acts deriving therefrom, are subject to French law. In case of dispute the Parties shall endeavor to give priority every effort to find a amicable solution. Failing amicable agreement between the parties mentioned, the courts of the place of head office "PGSN" will be competent.
Modification of Terms of Use
Regie-adulte.net at all times reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions.

In this case, you will be notified by email that will invite you to visit the new terms and conditions.

By continuing to use Regie-adulte.net services after having been informed, is tantamount to acceptance of the changes!