General FAQ

Who is open Regie-Adulte.net?
Regie-Adult is open to publishers from around the world!
What kinds of websites are accepted on Regie-Adulte.net?
Only sites with legal content and not receiving artificial visits will be allowed on the platform!

Type sites "Autosurfs", "paids-To-Promotes" and the "CPM Authorities" are not allowed to distribute our tags.
What types of ads are broadcast by Regie-Adulte.net?
The ads broadcast by Regie-Adulte are classified: Adult
Which advertising formats offered by Regie-Adulte.net?
Regie-Adult offers the following sizes: 468x60, 728x90, 300x250, 120x600, 160x600
All tags are guaranteed, without pop-ups or intrusive ads!
How Compensation Regie-Adulte.net?
Disseminating advertisements Regie-Adulte.et, you will be paid for each display!

The compensation is different for each web site and calculated according to the number of clicks on our ads! The more clicks our ads are, the more your compensation (per 1000 impressions) will be high!
From how much and by what means the winnings can be withdrawn?
The withdrawal of gains possible from Euros 10. Payments are sent only by Paypal on the 15th of the month following the payment request!

Publishers FAQ

Where and how advertising tags do I have the right to install on my or my sites?
The ad tags must be installed in the upper part of your or your sites and up to 3 different formats maximum per page.
How to copy the script of an advertising tag or a referral link?
On the part of the script: "Right click" - "Select All" - "Right click" - "Copy"
Am I right click on advertisements or practice of forced click?
It is strictly forbidden to click on ads without wearing of interest to the site released! Forced click is prohibited. We regularly check any suspicious activity to protect our advertisers.
With whom do you work?
We work with all partners of the PGSN Advertising Node. (+150 ad networks, affiliate networks or ad exchanges, on all continents).

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